Picco S1 .12 Team

PIC9065 S1 esploso


The PICCO S1 .12 TEAM is our new high-end racing engine for the 1/10th 200mm touring car class. Characterised by a Long Stroke layout to deliver better power throughout the entire RPM range, it also features a 7mm inner diameter front bearing. Sharing the same high construction quality and finishing that distinguish the bigger brothers R1 and V1, the S1 powerplants are assembled and quality checked by Edoardo Picco himself, who puts his best efforts and his master knowledge in delivering perfect engines.

Now sporting a LCG (Low Center of Gravity) cooling head in order to improve the balance and the handling of the cars that will host it, the S1 also features: a balanced 12mm 'turbo' silicone-filled crankshaft for improved fuel flow and reduced weight, super aligned 'knife edged' aerodynamic connecting rod, a slightly revised, hand finished hard chromed brass liner with tear-drop work on the ports, lightened CNC machined piston made from high percentage silicone alloy billet, Swiss quality 12mm main bearing and a composite slide carburetor with 5.4mm venturi inserts.

PIC9065 S1 rear


 3 ports hard chromed liner with drop work on the ports
 CNC machined billet piston
 12mm turbo cranckshaft with silicone insert
 Knife edged lightweight aerodynamic con-rod
 Separate turbo combustion chamber insert
 12mm Swiss quality main bearing
 New LCG (Low Center of Gravity) cooling head
 5.4mm venturi slide valve carburetor
 Displacement: 2,11cc
 Bore: 13,70mm
 Stroke: 14,20mm
 Output: 1,80hp @ 42,000rpm
 Weight: 215g

PIC9065 S1 front