Picco R1 Race

R1 RACE esploso


The new Picco R1 “Race” descends from the same thoroughbred dynasty of the R1 “Team” version, with whom it shares the built quality and most of the technical solutions. The new, stiffer crankcase hosts a long stroke displacement made of a 7 port sleeve paired with a machined piston, a steel rear bearing and a silicone filled crankshaft. The carburettor is one of the 2017 news and features a double bottom-end adjustment for finer tuning and a laser engraved, lightened LCG cooling head completes the unit.

R1 RACE rear


 7 ports hard chromed sleeve
 Piston CNC machined from billet
 14mm balanced shaft with silicone insert
 Knife edged lightweight aerodynamic con-rod
 Low CG cooling head
 14mm Swiss quality main bearing
 Composite 3-needle slide carburetor
 Displacement: 3,49cc
 Bore: 16,03mm
 Stroke: 17,30mm
 Output: 2,95hp @ 38,000rpm

R1 RACE front